Africans?Caribbeans?Blacks?African Americans?

at 06:26 AM, 11 Aug 09 (8 years ago)
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How come the African Americans/Blacks aren't accepted nearly as much as Carbbeans? HOw come some disregard that African Americans came from Africa and that our heritage should be respected as well? How come everyone can dance to American music, but when I dance to African music there is reluction as if I shouldn"t like what I prefer? How come we can't come to terms with that Africans were merely spreaded in this world and we are just all call by different ethnicites? Africans, Haitians, Islanders, Americans... How come we can't all just get along and respect our differences without malice? Yes we all have become accustomed to our own cultures over hundreds of years..but we are still connected. And just maybe we should just use our strong mentality to help our people. How come WE can't just all get along? US?


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