Prayer of an 18 year old University student(Must Read)

at 05:38 PM, 10 Mar 14 (3 years ago)
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Its march..I can remember the 1st week of january, we spent it discussing school,how much we wanted it to be soon..but how far it was..all our documents..we talked about whatever it was that would make us feel closer to school..make us feel like college students..but one thing hovered-Time. Twas such a long time..3 months..but march is here..and though we have only one week of it in Benin..its still march..the month that's been running through our minds.

I'd say happy new month..nd happy new month..but I think I want to say a my prayers with God is usually like a "Dialogue" not a monologue. I've seen my friends nd what they've become in the past year..nd how much they want me sucked into their kind of life..but I don't think I want I'm not judging them..but I still don't want it..I guess I'm still old fashioned..but I happen to love it. Now as we were prayer WiTh God..I told Him to keep me away from temptation..I begged Him not to let me go near the kind of life that's nw the "IT" life.

I've asked Him to keep away the boys that mother calls "destroyer of destiny", I've asked for good health..I've asked for the gift of life for me nd my family..I've asked for fun..I've asked that He makes my darling father nd awesome mother proud of me..more than anything I've asked for ME. What have u asked for. Its not just a new month..its the time in which you discover who you are.. Who wil u be. I hope to God that hypocrisy doesn't become a part of me..

We are entering an entirely new world..nd I'm scared shitless(pardon my language) sister told me,make sure you are not leaving home because u want to escape what is here..leave for the right reason..nd now I believe I'm leaving for the right reason..but I'll miss home. Its the University of Benin. What have u asked God for. What is that one reckless thing you've been wanting to do..make wise mistakes.. Have a good March.

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