6 proven ways to make money here in Nigeria

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Frankly, there are several ways of making money online in Nigeria. While some of these many options will fetch you crumbs, others will fetch you real cash.

However, most beginners face one problem when venturing into online business they're unable to find the right business.

Sadly, while searching for the best option, some newbies fall victim to scammers who promise overnight riches or thousands of dollars at the click of a button. After being scammed, these poor beginners form the impression that online business is all a hoax.

Are you just going into online business? Or have you been scammed before, and you're now searching carefully for a credible option? This post is for you.

Here, you'll discover six realistic ways of making real money online from Nigeria. So, if you've been looking for proven, risk-free ways of making cool cash from the web, you're on the right page.

Now, let me reveal these lucrative options:

1. Affiliate marketing
This is one of the killer money-spinners online. Most bloggers and online entrepreneurs who pocket 4-5 figures monthly make the bulk of their income from affiliate marketing.

What is affiliate marketing? It is simply a marketing practice, in which a business rewards you for bringing customers (through marketing its products or services).

Here's a better explanation: You register to become an affiliate with an online store, such as Amazon or Clickbank. Next, you set up a web page, blog or even you can use social networks like facebook, twitter etc., on which you advertise Amazon or Clickbank products.

Each time a customer buys a product through the link or banner displayed, you get a commission on the sale. That's affiliate marketing, simply put.

So, the more traffic you attract to your link, the more people will buy the products you market, and the more profit you make.

2. Freelancing
If you have any skill, such as writing, website design, programming, graphics design, video creation, and so on, you can advertise yourself online and attract clients who ll pay for your services.

To attract and convince high-paying clients, you must start by building a compelling and professional online portfolio. Without one, there's no way you can convince clients to hire you.

3. Google adsense
Well, I recommend this one because it very very sure and you will receive your cash straight from any Nigeria bank here.

4. Coaching and online tutorials
If you have any skill or knowledge that you think people would be interested in, you can offer online coaching or tutorial classes and charge your students. (Of course, you must learn how to use Skype and how to organize webinars).

The more you can convince people that you're an expert, the more interested students you'll attract, and the more money you'll make.

5. Website and Domain flipping
Liken this business to real estate developing, and you'll be right.
Here's what flipping entails: You set up a website or blog and then
develop it by stuffing it with high quality articles and building backlinks to it. Your ultimate goal is to build it from scratch and turn it into a high traffic blog, which has a high profit potential. Once you ve achieved this, you can then sell it to interested buyers at a huge price.

Buyers pay as much as millions of dollars for websites. The price depends on the profit potential.

Or simply engage in Domain flipping if you don't know how to design website or blog

6. Blogging
Traffic blog, you ll make lots of profit from pay-per-click ads (Adsense, etc.),  sponsored ads, sponsored posts.

I stated earlier that there are several of online businesses you can run in Nigeria. But I ve mentioned only these six for 4 reasons:

They require very little capital (so if you lose interest along the line, you ll have very little to lose)

They are risk-free They are very easy to venture into They can make you rich (but not overnight!)

So, take action now. Choose one of these businesses (or a combination of more than one), start building it, and you ll achieve your dream in the end.

I'm stopping here for now. In subsequent posts, I'll be discussing each of these businesses in full detail. My aim of becoming Admin here is to help Nigerian beginners make money online. So, I hope to achieve this with time.

I hope this post helps?
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wow thanks so helpful
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u funny sha emma
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hwhehehe yes nah....
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watabat gistmania commenting Grin
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Do you know any Nigerian site that hire writers and pay in Local bank accounts?


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