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This is 2014 & Africa is still developing. Sometimes i feel like this day (a developed Africa) will never come to existence if we all sit around & wait for someone (especially our *trusted* government) to take actions.

Instead of waiting for someone to take action, I have gathered groups of people (from software developers to web developer) here in United Kingdom to join me on a project to develop & also push the innovation of a better Africa.

We have decided that we will create more contents on the web for the 1.1 billion African users on the World-Wide-Web. The chinese have there own space on there web. They have even developed businesses in their own country bigger than paypal & ebay put together (alibaba); why should Nigeria be any difference?

Recently when i was looking for Nigerian music, i could only find a hand-full of african websites' on the web (let alone Nigerian sites') with most of the results navigating me to non-african websites such as Youtube. The few that i do find are not update web standards, or are filled with advertisements' that the website becomes useless.

Lets stop with the small talk & get straight to the point. What we need from you, our people is to provide your suggestions for more contents relating to Africa or Nigeria in these following categories. Please fill free to think outside the box (we're all in this together)  and provide us with other ideas you may have.

*Entertainment (music/television...)
*Social network

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This post is only available on two nigerian forums. If this gets enough responses, then we will create a website for this website at
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A man of info is a man of power
knowledge is not free
name the price poster
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nice ooone
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Good idea


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