how to get over your ex

at 09:34 PM, 21 Apr 15 (2 years ago)
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If you're thinking about him and missing him, try to think about things he did that annoyed you or that you didn't like about him.
If he's dating someone new, don't bug him for details. Show him that you couldn't care less.
Focus on work or school and become successful. Success is the key to life and happiness.
Avoid contact. Confide in someone that will challenge you and or be firm with you because they love and respect you.
Start talking to other guys. It will prove to him that your really ready to move on and that he didn't mean anything to you (even though maybe he did).
If you're thinking about him, don't let him know it.
Do something you couldn't do when he was around.
Let it all out.Cry if you feel like it and talk to a good friend.
Think of something else that makes you happy.
Delete his number from your phone and if you don't then just don't answer his texts. Even though it might be hard, it helps.
Act like he never stepped foot in your life. Through all your memories away.
Do not ever tell him how you feel. He could so take advantage and brag that you want him back. (That is if you told him you wanted him back).
Spend time with pets. They love you unconditionally. It's like being alone without ever being alone.
Just stay friends and be happy for him. Support him. Just because you've broken up doesn't mean you can't get over it and live your life.
Erase all your pictures. Throw the things he gave to you. To avoid your memories to come back.
Talk to someone about it. Find someone who may have been where you are now.
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life is
really hard for some people
Vectorcy at 11:03 AM, 16 Jun 16 (1 year ago)
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