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 It was a hot afternoon, the type that sends you baking in the oven of the ageless sun :'(. I was stepping out of my air-conditioned office after being there for the past two hours putting together my files for the case on my desk. Grin
  I immediately heard my name sounding out from someone most likely in desperation just few metres away from the lounge; "Barrister!,Barrister Chidi"  :'(I quickly turned around. Good Lord! Shocked I have never seen myself as one who gets so much disturbed simply by the sight of a client who comes crying before you for redress. But this one? You need to have seen.
  Firstly Yes! The person was a HE quite alright, but the kind of tightly-fitted jeans wrapping their strong hands on some skinny legs you would have mistake him for a lady. Huh? His face was...emmh..I think if I use the word over flowing, you will think its an exaggeration. No! Its not. His face was profusely dripping with a mixture of sweat and tears all at the same time. The body-hug white shirt he was wearing hand alot dusty map-imprints made on them from different palms. Perhaps he must have pasted through several rounds of struggle through endless queues he found himself that afternoon.
  As all these split-seconds assessments flashed through my mind like Lagosians fleeing a bomb-scare scene,  ;Dthe guy probably in his early thirties SLUMPED and fell into my not so firm-gripping-ready hands. "AHGH! Are you hurt? what is it? ehh? Who are you? Who..who did all these to you?" So many questions desperately seeking answers flew out of my mouth. So much like Odume the palm-wine seller down there at my village brushing his teeth and spitting away the chewing stick particles as if they were coals of fire about to burn his tongue Cheesy.
  Though not lifeless, but by this time, the guy was already lying flat on the ground. He managed to mutter some words. As I was squatting down in an attempt scoup with my ears, more of the words he was saying, something rather strange happened. What was that?...... Huh?
(Catch EPISODE TWO of "JOB SWAGGA: My 10 count charge against the SUSPECT" here on Naija pals same time tomorrow. Fill free to drop your comments on this. The Story has just begun.)



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