I Lied About My Age to Get a Government Job. Will I Go to Hell Fire? Hello readers: I’

at 02:56 AM, 14/04/2016 (2 years ago)
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I Lied About My Age to Get a Government Job. Will I Go to Hell Fire?

Hello readers:

I’m 38 years old. I was married with 4 kids.

I’m a Christian, baptized 25 years ago. Since my conversion, I’ve become a really mature Christian. However, I’ve had more than my fair share of financial problems.

I have an MBA and many years of working experience. I worked at 5 one-man businesses, but my stints were short-lived as results of employers’ antics, harsh business environment, downsizing and credit crunch.

My husband died several years ago while working as a commercial motorcyclist - he had a fatal accident.

Because of my religion and conscience, I refused to sell my body for money. I made several entrepreneurial attempts and failed.

I went to my home town to farm. The first year was successful but the second year was a failure because rain did not start on time, and the crops I planted got burnt before copious rain started.

I went through countless fasting and prayers, vigils, revivals, etc. but there were no changes.

My children called me” Mummy! Mummy!” I often cried because I knew I couldn’t provide adequately for them in this hostile world.

Not too long ago, the Federal government announced some vacant positions under a ministry and a high-ranking government official, who also happens to be a member of my church, told me about it. After going through my CV and credentials, he confirmed that I qualified for the job, but the minimum age allowed was 30 years.

I was 38 years.

The only thing standing in my way, according to that official, was my age barrier. He said he would do everything to help me secure the job, but the only problem was my age.

I went to a high court to swear an affidavit, stating that my age was 30. This was a blatant lie.

I had to do it, since I couldn’t contribute funds in my church and my children were suffering. I got that job and the salary is good. You know government job – allowances and retirement plans.

But as a Christian, my Bible-trained conscience is tormenting me, telling me that I lied about my age to get a job and that could make me lose heaven.

This is not a momentary sin: the benefit of this age falsification would last many years. But what could I have done? My children are now going to good schools and I’m taking good care of them. I can also now contribute money in my church. I now have some savings.

Why would the government and corporate bodies set age limits for candidates?

Is it a crime for educated people to grow older? Is it a curse to grow older?

Did I do wrong to lie about my age to get a job?

Would I go to hell fire?

I’m highly disturbed.

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dickieponga at 10:22 PM, 11/05/2016 (2 years ago)
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Forget hell fire cos ur already living in it anyway...Just keep quiet and do ur job, tell god to forget u dats all...
Don't open ur big mouth to anybody else...
By d way it was minimum age of 30 dey asked for not maximum age of 30...So u qualified if going for minimum.
Abi u mixed ur english and u get MBA na waoh...
Sparky12 at 02:04 PM, 23/05/2016 (2 years ago)
(3838 | Gistmaniac) (m)
story for de gods
Vectorcy at 10:31 PM, 2/07/2016 (2 years ago)
(8487 | Hero) (m)
Nice one poster, this is a matured and life saving post unlike
yeyebrity pix that has no possitive effect on human life.
1marviz at 09:08 PM, 5/12/2016 (2 years ago)
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