5 Mistakes That Must Not Be Made During Job Interview

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Lateness to the job interview:
If it were to be rated this is the worst of all the mistakes that could ever be made during job interview. No matter the reason or the cause the first impression created will be remembered for a very long time. If you show up late for your job interview you have made the one of the worst mistakes you can. Even though you may have excellent skill it may be very difficult to be able to recover from this mistake. That simple mistake of showing up late to the interview will leave the employer to doubt your punctuality to work even if you perform excellently in the interview. Ideally always plan to show up at least 45 minutes early.

Failure to Admit Past Mistakes:
 There is no doubt that we all make mistakes in our life at one time or the other. The great sign of maturity and a true professional is to own up and admit their mistakes. When you make excuses you give a pretty big red flag to most potential employers. What this just indicates is that such a person is unwilling to take responsibility and do the work at hand. A good example of a horrible excuse is this; "I'm late for the interview because I got lost. Your directions weren't very good."

Inarticulate Expression During the interview:
Failure to convincingly express yourself during interview may work negatively against you. In case you speak poorly from the tone of your voice to grammar or even use slang during the interview you are killing yourself. Another terrible mistake is when people use a lot of fillers "like", "okay", "um" and "you know". No matter how bright you may be, you may be one of the smartest people on the planet but if that is how you speak you will fail to give best representation of yourself in that way. In addition to this is if you are verbally sloppy your writing is probably the same. All these are things must be checked because they are not attractive to employers.

Absence of enthusiasm or Passion for the position:
On several occasions it seems the interviewers are inconveniencing the job seeker during the interview. The drive and the earnest desire for the job is not shown in their response to questions. It appears they are just looking for any job with the paycheck coming. This type of attitude will really hurt your chances of getting hired. It is a good indicator that the applicant would need very close supervision to properly do their job because of lack of motivation and drive.

Sloppy appearance at Interview: It is obvious that the way you present yourself will give the general impression about your personality. In a situation whereby you show up to an interview in an unkempt manner it will imply that, that will be the quality of your work. In whatever capacity you are seeking for employment you need to be clean and neat in your interview attire. In case you are in doubt, as a man you should always go with a traditional suit in solid colors and as a woman you should go with a traditional suit or pants and a blouse in solid and conservative colors. If a suit would be overkill for the position you are applying for pants and a button down shirt is appropriate.

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