Basic Interview Tips

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Importance of preparation for interview cannot be overemphasized. There is no doubt that lack of adequate preparation can make or mar your interview. This may sound obvious, but it's not. On several occasions many applicants had walked into an interview without any basic knowledge about the industry and the company.
Below are some simple steps to prepare for the interview.

Personal Preparation - It is necessary that you know your own qualifications relative to the post you are seeking and at also to the company. Your skills must be reviewed to ensure that it will add value to the company mission and vision. It is very essential that you describe your past undertaking, achievement and experience in detail to convince the interviewer that you are coming to add value to the company.

It assumed that almost every interviewer will ask you: "Tell me about yourself." To make success of this type of question, in your answer put yourself in the employer's shoes. In order words if you were the interviewer and you are hiring someone for the position, what are the things of interest that you would want to know?

Knowledge of the Industry
- To the best of your ability know everything that you can about the company and the industry. Go further to discover whatever you can about the position, and the need of the company.  The knowledge of these facts will help you to prepare yourself to meet those needs at the interview.

You can easily research the company on the Internet and at your local library. If possible you can make personal contacts with some of the staff of the company just to have ideas of what they really need. Don’t be surprised that employers are as interested in your questions as they are in your answers. It will do you well in case you ask intelligent questions about the position, the company and the industry.

First Impression

The saying that first impression last long should not be overlooked but be taken very serious. The first few minutes are very important and will set the tone for the interview. In order to succeed, you must project enthusiasm about the position, show confidence and competence. I believe that your main reason of being there is to convince the interviewer that you would add value to the company.

Dressing Outfit -Your dressing must be appropriate for the position you're seeking. It must fit well within the office setting and be immaculate. There are basic official dressing that will fit into any office setting like suits and skirt suits but if you are in doubt ask when setting up the interview. Make sure that your shoes are well polished. Clean hair and fingernails are very important. In as much as possible make sure that you avoid excessive cologne, jewelry or make-up.

Be Punctual - In setting out for the interview try to be on time if possible be some minutes ahead so that you won’t be rushing on your arrival for the interview. Make up extra time for traffic, parking and slow elevators. Do whatever you can to be on time late arrival for a job interview is never excusable.

The Interview

It will not be enough to rely on your application or resume to do the selling for you. Interviewers will be interested to see you justifying what is in the resume and application, so they will want you to speak for yourself. There is possibility that your resume was pre-screened by the HR department, which if that is the case it means that interviewer hasn’t even seen your resume or is just perusing over it so all depends on your response.

The opportunity is for you to sell yourself. The normal practice is to look the interviewer in the face while answering his/her questions. Be enthusiastic if you are interested in the opportunity, enthusiastic feedback can enhance your chances of being considered. The most important is that you want to convince the interviewer that you are confident with yourself and your background.


This is an aspect that is often overlooked generally, yet the follow-up is the final step in the interviewing process. It is very important that you send a Thank-You Note to those that you met at the company and this will be possible if you remember to ask for business cards. It is an opportunity in your letter to summarize your conversation and re-emphasize the skills you would bring to the position.

Generic thank you letter must be avoided except you are not interested in the job. In addition to the general “thank you for your time”, try to bring into focus some reasons why you are the perfect candidate for the job. There is possibility that hundreds of people are interviewed for the same position. So everything must be done so that you will stand out and be remembered.


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