Is Anything Wrong With This Photo? [Bride Bosomfeed Edition]

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at 10 Jan 17, 09:57 PM (2 months ago)
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This photo is generating different reactions. Some are looking at the beautiful side of a mother taking care of her little boy and giving him necessary nutrients, others are looking at m0rality.

The young lady shared photo of her B.reastfeeding her son on her wedding day and wrote:

    “I enjoy nursing my son and I made sure when I chose my wedding dress I would be able to nurse throughout my entire night.

    “And I was able to. So I just want to share with women that no matter who doubts you or who turns their noses up to B.reastfeeding that it can be done. No one should feel embarrassed about feeding their child in the most natural way.”
Otikadinje at 10 Jan 17, 10:06 PM (2 months ago)
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She is not serious abeg.
mjyabah2 at 10 Jan 17, 10:09 PM (2 months ago)
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Absolutely nothing wrong with this wonderful motherhood. Rather than show us silicon filled bosoms for notoriety, we should well appreciate dedicated and responsible mothers who feed their babies in public. Bravo and kudos to this Bride of the year.  
akinmanchy at 10 Jan 17, 10:19 PM (2 months ago)
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I see nothing wrong, all I see is a beautiful African mother taking care of her son

gogoman at 10 Jan 17, 10:24 PM (2 months ago)
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posted na cow milk dem use for u abi
dareper at 10 Jan 17, 11:11 PM (2 months ago)
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Me dareper sitdown dey observe as old member of this forum. I hail una. Happy new year peepz
dynasty4all at 10 Jan 17, 11:20 PM (2 months ago)
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Mykie010 at 10 Jan 17, 11:37 PM (2 months ago)
(3847 | Gistmaniac) (m)
The picture is too graphic for me
chukkychukky at 10 Jan 17, 11:48 PM (2 months ago)
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na her own wahala
markenzzy at 11 Jan 17, 12:52 AM (2 months ago)
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4tocopyvan at 11 Jan 17, 03:12 AM (2 months ago)
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Na wahala all put una so make she no feed her child again bcos of wedding that can crumble in the next six month  who nos
ostaino at 11 Jan 17, 03:45 AM (2 months ago)
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D small boy dey enjoy. and d Bosom  go sweet ooo. Can I help him out
james987 at 11 Jan 17, 04:03 AM (2 months ago)
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Nothing dey wrong with the pic abeg.. If in a church of at least 1000 people with 200 babies and pope say make women bring out 200 Bosom s dey Bosom  feed in order to distract the whole church,people go support the motion.. Yeye dey smell according to somebody.. Madam you are doing the right thing abeg.
kacylee at 11 Jan 17, 07:03 AM (2 months ago)
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nothing wrong jare, she should have done it in the chhurch sef after all pope don permit am
UWAYO at 11 Jan 17, 07:23 AM (2 months ago)
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Absolutly notino is wrong.i DID very same in my wedding day.i chose i my wedding gown to enable me b.feed my son through out.So its no news people do it.Bit i DID not do in public.went to a seperat room. So madam,this is no news abeg.its not today.u DID not start or will end It.i gate people seeking fame with  anytin.
Donchijoz at 11 Jan 17, 08:37 AM (2 months ago)
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Sweet mother,carry go dear. Nothing is wrong
morolayo at 11 Jan 17, 08:49 AM (2 months ago)
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jeroba1 at 11 Jan 17, 10:49 AM (2 months ago)
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LegendaryU at 11 Jan 17, 11:29 AM (2 months ago)
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That is what you see when you are about to marry your baby mama, is good to marry before having baby, I hate baby mama scandal I swear
jerrydon7 at 11 Jan 17, 11:50 AM (2 months ago)
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Quote from: LegendaryU on 11 Jan 17, 11:29 AM
That is what you see when you are about to marry your baby mama, is good to marry before having baby, I hate baby mama scandal I swear

You are right my brother... I just dey read all of una comments, that is what you get when you born before wedding, why born before marriage? yeye dey smell    Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
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