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Soldiers Strip Mobile Cop Naked

Topic: Soldiers Strip Mobile Cop Naked (Read 3994 times)
nametalkam (6204) On
Gistmaniac (m) | 4 years ago

Seven soldiers from Dodan Barracks, Lagos at the weekend attacked a mobile policeman identified as Corporal Gabriel Audu attached to Mopol 49, Epe and stripped him naked.

The fight took place at Toyin Street junction besides St. Gregory’s College, Obalende.

Trouble started when the mobile cop allegedly cautioned one of the soldiers and his friend on the reckless manner they rode their motorcycle on the ever-busy Obalende road.

This did not go down well with the soldier and his friend who challenged the mobile cop for cautioning them.

An argument between them later degenerated into a fight during which both of them attacked the cop.

The soldier also sent his friend to Dodan Barracks for reinforcement and in a few minutes, seven of his colleagues in mufti, arrived the scene in three motorcycles.

Without asking questions, they descended on the hapless mobile policeman, beat him and stripped him naked. They were dragging him on the road to Dodan Barracks when policemen from Onikan came to his rescue.

The injured policeman was later rushed to the hospital by his colleagues from the Onikan division.

The matter is currently being investigated by the division.

22 Mar 10, 08:08 PM
megafather1 (6347)
Gistmaniac (m) | 4 years ago

Eyya, uniform man pass uniform man, force pass force.

22 Mar 10, 10:11 PM
derbi (1923)
Gistmaniac (m) | 4 years ago

if people that are train to mentain peace and law, are like this what do u espect from area boy?

22 Mar 10, 11:03 PM
spekay (2946)
Gistmaniac (m) | 4 years ago

i hope the military boys will be disciplined  soldiers are supposed to  show the highest level of discipline ever .  The policeman was only performing his duties and no one is above the law as he represnted the law while in uniform on duty

23 Mar 10, 12:28 AM
irule (1448)
Gistmaniac (m) | 4 years ago

Nigeria! Nigeria!! Nigeria!!! How many times did i call you?

23 Mar 10, 02:34 AM
oluwaseyi4 (164)
Upcoming (m) | 3 years ago

this is a disgrace to policeman/men out there

9 Jul 11, 12:02 PM
oluwaseyi4 (164)
Upcoming (m) | 3 years ago

I hate this disgraceful story

9 Jul 11, 12:03 PM
chik001 (1525)
Gistmaniac (m) | 3 years ago

...height of irresponsibility...

9 Jul 11, 12:12 PM
hosbert (419)
Upcoming (m) | 3 years ago

Our soldiers are incresingly becoming irresponsible.Being in uniform does not mean you should be lawless or above the law.This issue must be addressed before it is too late.

9 Jul 11, 01:12 PM
cadanre (9401)
Hero (f) | 3 years ago

A clear sign of irresponsibility..... Chei!

9 Jul 11, 08:50 PM
kebella (44615)
Addicted Hero (f) | 3 years ago

when power jam power Shocked Shocked

9 Jul 11, 09:41 PM
DRraze (2549)
Gistmaniac (m) | 3 years ago

na waaaaaaaaaa ooooooooooooooo

10 Sep 11, 08:22 PM
kebella (44615)
Addicted Hero (f) | 3 years ago

real wa

10 Sep 11, 09:45 PM
akposy19 (779)
Upcoming (m) | 3 years ago

Soldiers of nowadays are stupid

18 Oct 11, 07:30 PM
kebella (44615)
Addicted Hero (f) | 3 years ago

 Lips Sealed

18 Oct 11, 07:33 PM
mallorca (20963)
Addicted Hero (m) | 3 years ago

Quote from: akposy19 on 18 Oct 11, 07:30 PM
Soldiers of nowadays are stupid
Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin

18 Oct 11, 09:25 PM
babyleslie (1532)
Gistmaniac (f) | 3 years ago

 Huh? Huh?

22 Oct 11, 09:59 PM
Isaiah471 (10)
Newbie (m) | 2 years ago

Soldiers are suppose 2 protect nd defend their citizens,bt in 9ja,it is d oda way round.vry stupid set of illeterate recurited soldiers

6 Feb 12, 10:39 PM
Isaiah471 (10)
Newbie (m) | 2 years ago

9Jirian army,has d highest numba of illerates recurited into d force,dat's y dey dn't reali know dia mission. Any soldier who beats up his or her citizens witout legal permission is a mercenary

6 Feb 12, 10:45 PM

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