SHOCKING CONFESSION: I Have Slept With Several Men, Says HIV Positive Man

at 03:12 PM, 7 Apr 17 (11 months ago)
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A prostitute who was allegedly delivered from an evil spirit has narrated her evil past at the TB Joshua's church. The HIV positive man being delivered by at the church. A young HIV+ Nigerian man who was in the habit of sleeping with other men has narrated how he started the ugly habit which nearly ruined his life. While confessing of his past as a male prostitute at T.B Joshua's controversial church in Lagos, the man by name Jonathan Etumodor, a Delta-State indigene, claimed he felt an ‘evil spirit’ entered him during a casual swim in a river as a young boy which made him start sleeping with men.
“Older men would meet me, have s*x with me and pay me. Sometimes, they would invite me to their homes, even when their wife was there. They would put me in their guest-room, telling the wife that I was someone from their office”
Etumodor said.
Etumodor said that even after finding out that he was HIV positive, he didn't stop sleeping with men. “I started infecting people and the people I infected, began infecting others”, he claimed.
He further claimed that after encountering the evil spirit at the young age, his mannerisms and mode of dressing became increasingly feminine as time progressed, stressing “Everything about me was just like a woman”.
He said each attempt to start a business from the proceeds of prostitution ended up in disappointment, leading him to delve deeper into the illicit trade, going to gay chat rooms online to advertise his ‘services’. However, when visiting his sister, Jonathan said he discovered Emmanuel TV, the Christian station belonging to Joshua, which she watched faithfully.
“If I came closer or touched the TV when T.B. Joshua prayed, I always found myself on the ground,”
he recounted.
Etumodor says he felt a strange force visibly leave his body during the time of prayer. “I was trying to hold myself from where I was but I was uncontrollable,” he recalled.
 A week after the prayer, Etumodor went to the Synagogue to share his testimony that his desire for men had gone and he had since been “admiring” ladies. “To the people I have initiated, to the homes I have broken and to the husbands whom I have taken away from their wives, I am very sorry for what I have done,” he begged, insisting it was the devil’s work.
Watch video below:

morgan1 at 03:37 PM, 7 Apr 17 (11 months ago)
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Holy Ghost fire,,,,,, God purnish devil!!!
schmit at 03:50 PM, 7 Apr 17 (11 months ago)
(11844 | Hero) (f)
Lord have mercy
chukkychukky at 03:57 PM, 7 Apr 17 (11 months ago)
(6035 | Gistmaniac) (m)
bobrisky get ready
CHRISETTE at 04:29 PM, 7 Apr 17 (11 months ago)
(12801 | Hero) (f)
Wehdone sir
gogoman at 05:09 PM, 7 Apr 17 (11 months ago)
(29641 | Addicted Hero) (m)
Buncho at 05:22 PM, 7 Apr 17 (11 months ago)
(945 | Upcoming) (m)
 Gay issa bobby
 jooo oooo
waffibabe at 08:10 PM, 7 Apr 17 (11 months ago)
(2438 | Gistmaniac) Online (f)
So you want to start infesting ladies with hiv
tuscanT at 08:54 PM, 7 Apr 17 (11 months ago)
(209 | Upcoming) (m)
Everything na devil for Naija
akinmanchy at 09:22 PM, 7 Apr 17 (11 months ago)
(11264 | Hero) (m)
Stupid gay man

SignorBrave at 10:29 PM, 7 Apr 17 (11 months ago)
(23 | Newbie) (m)
hmmm, people really dey this world
Goodluck-just at 10:51 PM, 7 Apr 17 (11 months ago)
(1019 | Gistmaniac) (m)
I just hop he has fully gained his freedom, if ntt, ttrouble dey dat guy front oo.
Goodluck-just at 10:52 PM, 7 Apr 17 (11 months ago)
(1019 | Gistmaniac) (m)
Pls guy, did u visit gogoman and kison?
BournIdentity at 06:19 AM, 8 Apr 17 (11 months ago)
(46341 | Addicted Hero) (m)
Shocked huhuhuhuhuhuhuh                                                 
jereva at 06:28 AM, 8 Apr 17 (11 months ago)
(1044 | Gistmaniac) (m)
Oya o.. make una check Bobrisky and Denrele. I sure say their HIV nah ++
Markeve at 08:03 AM, 8 Apr 17 (11 months ago)
(3394 | Gistmaniac) (f)
stop admiring women oooh don't go and infect them with ur HIV ewuuuuu.
Larry28 at 05:30 PM, 8 Apr 17 (11 months ago)
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akinmanchy at 08:16 AM, 14 Apr 17 (11 months ago)
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