BREAKING! United State Federal Court Rules In Favour Of Female bosom Exposure -See Details

at 11:11 AM, 21 Apr 17 (10 months ago)
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A United States federal court has ruled that females can expose their Bosom s in public because there is no difference between male and female Bosom s.
This legal development comes in an era when morality and ethics have become a highly contested issue among academics, governments and society as a whole with some people being of the opinion that a person should be granted an unlimited right, including allowing nudity in public places.
In the United States though, some municipalities have their own laws on how people should cover their bodies in public. Although there has been rising pressure from activists to get rid of these laws, town and city officials are determined to protect them.
The Municipality of Fort Collins in the state of Colorado passed an ordinance (No. 134) in November 2015, banning girls and women older than nine from exposing their Bosom s in public unless they were Bosom feeding. A law which was challenged in court six months later by the activist group Free the Nipple.
Free the Nipple is a movement that started from a 2012 film of the same name. The group staged protests throughout the city in the past, gathering Private in public spots.
The gender equality group argued that the ordinance was restrictive and discriminatory against women in the city.
The group explained that if the law was fair, it should have banned both genders from exposing their Bosom s in public. But city officials countered this by saying the law did not discriminate because male and female Bosom s are different.
When the facts of the case were presented before the court, District Judge R. Brooke Jackson granted a preliminary injunction on the ordinance in question.
Jackson ruled that the law is discriminatory against women, as well as perpetuating stereotypes that sexualized female Bosom s.
The court stated that the primary difference between male and female Bosom s is the ability to Bosom feed.  Although the court noted the physical differences between the two, it stipulated that it was not enough to warrant different treatment from the government.
“I find that the ordinance discriminates against women based on the generalized notion that, regardless of a woman’s intent, the exposure of her Bosom s in public (or even in her private home if viewable by the public) is necessarily a sexualized act. Thus, it perpetuates a stereotype engrained in our society that female Bosom s are primarily objects of sexual desire whereas male Bosom s are not,” Jackson wrote in his ruling.
Although this is not the final ruling of the case, Jackson wrote that he granted the injunction in part because he believes he will ultimately find that the ordinance passed by the city violated the Equal Protection Clause.
He stated: “The Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment bars state governmental entities from discriminating between the sexes unless they have an ‘exceedingly persuasive justification’ for doing so. In this case, Fort Collins has on the books an ordinance that on its face discriminates against women.”
City attorney, Carrie Daggett said in a statement after the ruling that the city will review the judge’s decision and consider the next steps. It now looks as though the city is reluctant to give up on the case.
gogoman at 11:22 AM, 21 Apr 17 (10 months ago)
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and if i touch am too come say na rape .. yeye people
concentrate at 11:34 AM, 21 Apr 17 (10 months ago)
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Quote from: gogoman on 11:22 AM, 21 Apr 17
and if i touch am too come say na rape .. yeye people
hahahaha don't touch it o. hahaha
concentrate at 11:38 AM, 21 Apr 17 (10 months ago)
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women liberation, equal right for women,  now it's free the nipple. I'm sure the next thing will be free the honeypot. Where does it end???
Jeonleon at 12:39 PM, 21 Apr 17 (10 months ago)
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The End has just begun....
jossy60 at 01:42 PM, 21 Apr 17 (10 months ago)
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I want de same law in naija, so dat, at least we know who have de nice one among our fake girls.
morgan1 at 02:36 PM, 21 Apr 17 (10 months ago)
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Ahhhhh,,,,,,Lobatan! no need to touch am, bcos if i touch am,,,2things can happen,,,,,na to dey carry straw waka now,,,, na straw i go put for mouth begin draw am,,,, Grin Grin Grin
eric2000 at 03:14 PM, 21 Apr 17 (10 months ago)
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let free the nipple in Nigeria o...10 states in America have this law
schmit at 07:58 PM, 21 Apr 17 (10 months ago)
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Hassymore at 09:46 PM, 21 Apr 17 (10 months ago)
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why dey cover there nipple now because men don't cover nipple
james987 at 05:20 AM, 24 Apr 17 (10 months ago)
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I dun talk am before and I go talk am again.. Soon we are heading backwards to the early men era.


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