The worst has happened to Politicxguru, aka wasted generation what should I do

at 04:26 PM, 5 Sep 17 (2 months ago)
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I've been away for the past 2yrs now, schooling in Manchester Metropolitan University, in the UK, I came in into the country 2days ago and I was on my own jejeli this morning oooo resting my thing after a long trip from the UK,  then my babe called that she will be coming to spend some quality time with me, which I obliged to.

Seriously my body needed a unique massaging at that moment and she was the only one fits enough to do that to my taste.

She came in 30mins after, we were there oooo having a nice time together not until devil decided to use one of his agents to terrorised the great moment I was enjoying with my Babe, the next thing I heard was a knock on my door, thinking that, it was this my crazy neighbor wey no dey use him eyes see woman dey enter my bonk Grin

I opened the front door Alas! There she was, the agent of the devil, there and then I was like.... What D Hell are u doing here, then she asked, "are u with someone?" I said Yes, the next thing, she pushed me out of the way, made her way to the sitting room, sat down in opposite direction to my babe, without saying anything.

 I never knew how she got the info that I'm in town, this was the lady I broke up with 2yrs ago before leaving for the UK, I left her because she could not control her urge for sex, I tried to help her but she couldn't help herself, she phyuked my friend right in my house, can u imagine that?

All this while, my Babe was just looking at both of us, at the end, she could not take it any longer, she reacted, she's the jealous type and she's this kind of person that her hot temper is out of this world, she asked who was she, I told her my EX but this devil of a girl couldn't control her mouth, she replied and said,

 "EX my foot, I am your Fiance"

 I was shocked at that statement, I looked into my babe's face I didn't like what I saw, I was trying to deny the allegations then she descended on me with all manner of insults and abuses, even said my prick no dey stay one place infront of the whole compound guys, both married and singles, they all gathered around listening to what she was saying and this was the lady I've been planning to marry (ever since I left for the UK) on contract after the current one with another lady expires next year February.

The issue here is that, my EX has ruined my coming back to Nigeria and my lady is not helping matters either.

She left my house in hanger and vowed never to come back, but I know she will definitely come back, she always has, but after what happened, I'm having a second thought, ofcause she's good in all ramifications only her hanger aspect I've been trying to deal with all this while.

I really want this relationship to work out, guys Pls what's your advice?

Anyways, I have missed you guys, especially gogoman, bohlah, spatacuss, shaddybaby, fashione, chealseafc, dickman2, stephen153, winace, wazubia,  Ritabrenice, dickieponga, nametalkam, dareper,  promy, 50scent, DJSNIPPER, and all those crazy guys.

PoliticxGuru is back
ruthie at 07:28 PM, 5 Sep 17 (2 months ago)
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political guru....stop be only wasted generation u sabi....besides those old names are gone from this site..the likes of Ruthie, Tegonwa now dominate here! go ask gogoman for advise
PoliticxGuru at 05:35 PM, 7 Sep 17 (2 months ago)
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Quote from: ruthie on 07:28 PM,  5 Sep 17
political guru....stop be only wasted generation u sabi....besides those old names are gone from this site..the likes of Ruthie, Tegonwa now dominate here! go ask gogoman for advise

Ruthie I guess ur just new here, if u know me wella u go know who be me, those guys I mentioned ar the main guys in this forum, it's unfortunate I can't find them in here anymore but not all of them are gone the few ones can attest to this.

by the way, it is the message u should be concerned about not the messenger
tegonwa at 03:53 AM, 9 Sep 17 (2 months ago)
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You Have Heard It From The Gistmania Queen.Next Time Be Careful!Be Very Very Careful!Caaaaaareful!Quite Hopeless!Nawaa O!
Floyd29 at 01:52 PM, 9 Sep 17 (2 months ago)
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What is wrong with you guys?
james987 at 08:17 AM, 11 Sep 17 (2 months ago)
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Kwantinue to dey allow woman kwantrol you..


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