How Do You Know It's True Love?

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Love can be pretty powerful. It is the most basic human emotion that everyone is capable of. Some people say "you just know" when you've met that person meant to be in your life. It is described as a soul-consuming, all-encompassing, takes-your-breath-away kind of feeling by those who know it.

Others say that the butterflies in their stomach flutter whenever their loved one is near. While most people don't believe in fanciful feelings like this, those who have encountered true love do.

So, how do you know it’s true love? For me, it’s:

1.    Their happiness is yours - You do little things for your partner like sending them their favorite food at work, giving them a massage after a long day, or simply fixing them a cup of their favorite beverage for no reason at all. You do things that please them for their sake without being told to or whatnot because it simply makes them happy.

2.     You always notice the little things – You pay more attention to the little details in your partner including his habits, preferences and food choices. Chances are, before your current partner, you never noticed these things. This is related to the first one, but you know how to make your partner’s coffee exactly the way they want it, or how they want their eggs in the morning.

3.      Being with them feels like coming home – You feel more at ease in their presence than anywhere in the world without them. Their effect on you feels like a warm hug which reassures you and comforts you like no other.

4.      You don’t desire other people - You still feel attraction for other people, but you don’t necessarily desire them. Yes, other people are beautiful/handsome but you don’t want them because you have someone you truly value.

5.      You resolve conflicts right away – You both know you are adults, and you’re done playing with games. In past relationships, issues may take a few days before it is resolved. But it’s true love when you both can’t stand going to bed at night when there’s something wrong going on between the two of you.

How about you? How would you describe what true love feels like? Let me know in this thread!

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