BUSTED! 37-year-old Married Woman Caught Cheating With 7 Men (Photos)

at 08:57 AM, 8 Nov 17 (2 weeks ago)
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A Cheat!ng Mbare woman’s $ex chats have been exposed with indications that she pimps several women for clients.

Mildred Tsvanhi’s, 37, chats were exposed by her sister-in-law when she left her phone while going to seek medical attention.

Mildred is married to Andrew Mhumhi, 42, and she left the phone in the hands of her sister-in-law Prudent Mhumhi as she visited the clinic.

Chats with several men and her Nudde pictures sent to the several men were exposed as Prudent went through her phone.

She also acted as a facilitator for dating between several other men and women.

Mildred said she was single and she could not categorically cheat on her ex-husband.

“I’m no longer with Andrew. How can I cheat on my ex-husband? We separated in June this year,” she said.

Andrew and his sister, however, had a different tale saying the two were married but Mildred had moved out of the house.

“She is my wife and I customarily married her in 2002 at her home area in Chiweshe and I do not have any pending arrears with my in-laws.

“I cannot even explain why my wife chose to move out from the family house we used to stay from the day we got married.

“In the chats I found out that she was dating Raymond Manjoro manager at Mwamuka Service Station where I’m also employed as a general hand.

“Uyu ndiye munhu anyanyondirwadza pavanhu vese handidi kunyepa. I’m always with him every day at work, we eat and have beers together but I never knew kuti aiseva pandosevawo.

“He was in a habit of buying expensive food and gifts for my children whenever they passed by at work, “There is Madzibaba Canaan Dzviti who owns a shrine in Epworth where my wife is always going for prayers.

“There is Admire who is based in South Africa, Judah and Brighton, these ones I don’t know them.

“She was now giving me $ex once a week. Ndikazama kumubata aindikandira ruoko kwakadaro ndaishaya kuti zvorevei.

“I then proceeded to Civil Court where I was then told that my case cannot be heard in court because we do not have a registered marriage. So they urged me to go back to the village where I married her and see the chief to handle the matter,” he said.

Prudent Mhumhi sister to Andrew confirmed the mishap:
“It is true that my sister-in-law was going out with seven different men which we saw with our own eyes in her mobile phone.

“She was sending them her Nudde pictures but we paid lobola for her not knowing we have brought pfambi mumusha.

“Our brother used to tell us that he was being denied $ex with her and we thought he lied but takazopererwa kuona mukadzi wedu achiendesa ma pictures kuvamwe varume asina kusimira.

“It also came to our attention that she is in the business of hunting men for other women in return for cash,” she said.

Raymond Manjoro could not be reached for comment as his phone went unanswered.

BournIdentity at 09:02 AM, 8 Nov 17 (2 weeks ago)
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Chhaaaiiiiiiiii,.,., na this kain news this country like to dey produce... They are all monkeys
felicilin at 09:24 AM, 8 Nov 17 (2 weeks ago)
(3451 | Gistmaniac) (f)
hmmm seven men chacha.... nawa oo
kixme at 09:26 AM, 8 Nov 17 (2 weeks ago)
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 Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes the woman and even the men look disgusting...i nearly threw up
ruthie at 11:12 AM, 8 Nov 17 (2 weeks ago)
(9503 | Hero) (f)
fineboy77 at 12:12 PM, 8 Nov 17 (2 weeks ago)
(1402 | Gistmaniac) (m)
Zimbabwe!!!,can anything good come out from there?
Mykie010 at 12:51 PM, 8 Nov 17 (2 weeks ago)
(5197 | Gistmaniac) (m)
Quote from: ruthie on 11:12 AM,  8 Nov 17
stop pretending, is that not what u do?
ruthie at 01:07 PM, 8 Nov 17 (2 weeks ago)
(9503 | Hero) (f)
Quote from: Mykie010 on 12:51 PM,  8 Nov 17
stop pretending, is that not what u do?
Flowpajun at 02:07 PM, 8 Nov 17 (2 weeks ago)
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until we hear from her i cant judge d matter
james987 at 03:18 PM, 8 Nov 17 (2 weeks ago)
(5175 | Gistmaniac) Online (m)
Chaii this body that they are sharing like this,daris husband ooo
Ladyhap at 04:24 PM, 8 Nov 17 (2 weeks ago)
(516 | Upcoming) (f)
Quote from: Flowpajun on 02:07 PM,  8 Nov 17
until we hear from her i cant judge d matter
Same with me here.
BournIdentity at 03:42 AM, 9 Nov 17 (2 weeks ago)
(45390 | Addicted Hero) (m)
Roll Eyes                                                                       
ruthie at 12:28 PM, 9 Nov 17 (2 weeks ago)
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 Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
kixme at 07:18 AM, 14 Nov 17 (1 week ago)
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 Roll Eyes Roll Eyes see news


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