I Caught My Wife With Her Boss At Ikeja Hotel, Then Her Attitude Became Strange - Man Cries For Help

at 07:57 AM, 19/02/2018 (7 months ago)
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Good evening Naijapals,
 I have no idea how to go about making this as clear as possible, but truth is I married a stranger.

I met this Lady in 2012,we became friendly, and talked on consistently. At the time she was on NYSC in Ikom cross River State. By the way she is from Obosi in Anambra state.

She was visiting me in Lagos every week, of course I paid for her flight tickets back and forth for all the times she visited till we got married and beyond. I have never let her use the bus or public transport to anywhere, it’s either I drive her, she drives or a taxi.

A few months to her passing out, she told me she was pregnant, so I thought I would marry her and cut the drama short, but that was my undoing. We got married, but all through, she spent more time with her parents and siblings.

Fast forward to 2016,my wife got a job through my sister in Abuja, and everything got worse, she wouldn’t get back home till very late everyday.
Her explanation was that her boss delayed her.

I got to find out she was dating her boss later, even caught her at hotels in ikeja G. R,.A and on the island with her boss at very odd hours of the night.
Don’t get me wrong, I am okay, I live in a 5 bedroom duplex in ikeja, the house is very comfortable and cosy, and almost completing my personal building at awoyaya in ibeju. i am not a poor man.

Well, she gave birth to my first child a boy, but insisted on C. S, then my daughter, through C. S too. All were elective!
She wouldn’t come back home,and spent more time at her parents than in our home, always saying she needs her Mum to watch the kids,while she is out, we got maids, but she was so violent with them, they all left.

Fast forward to 2017,i asked my wife to come back home, she refused, well I told her the marriage wouldn’t work anymore,as she wasnt living with me for the past two years.
She immediately went and petitioned me at office of the Public defender in Lagos State citing domestic violence, irresponsibility as to my kids and stuff, I have always provided food, toiletries, medicals,as well as pay my children’s school fees till this minute.

But she teamed up with her Mum and brother to make up so many fabrications because they demanded I pay a stipend to them every month, and I said no, I won’t do that, your daughter, my wife is in your house cos she wants to be there, not because I sent her away or anything like that.

Her father is the only person who is sane, but the man is a pensioner and can’t help himself much, so she treats him with intimidation She reported me to the police and all agencies you can think of, well at last they conducted their investigations and found out she was telling lies.

I am no more interested in keeping her, and she has vowed that I can’t divorce her or I die, but my kids are the issue now.

I need sound advice on how to go about this.

Please no mockery, I am in dire need of good advice. Thanks.

cypanyahucha at 08:04 AM, 19/02/2018 (7 months ago)
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Help? Do as your mind directs you.
tellyy1122 at 08:12 AM, 19/02/2018 (7 months ago)
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well  u dont need our help do u? u already made up ur mind
Kola44 at 08:17 AM, 19/02/2018 (7 months ago)
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Keep on watching her when she is tired and ready for divorce she will consent on her own volition without struggling
angesco at 08:21 AM, 19/02/2018 (7 months ago)
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The Bible mentions ADULTERY as grounds for divorce (Matthew 5: 31-32, 19:9) but does NOT require it.In many cases the HUSBAND and WIFE can be reconciled and the marriage saved even AFTER adultery. It is NOT sin to continue to live with nd have s.e.x with a spouse who has committed adultery.

As with other sins, God will forgive the sin of adultery if a person SINCERLY REPENTS and also FORGIVES OTHER PEOPLE.

Only YOU can make the final decision. GOOD LUCK!
blowout at 09:03 AM, 19/02/2018 (7 months ago)
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if what u are saying is true then head to court. get a divorce on grounds of abandonment and ask for custody of the kids. but getting custody of the kids will be tough except u can prove she isn't capable of taking care of the kids.
nature7888 at 09:54 AM, 19/02/2018 (7 months ago)
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Ahhhh, this is a complicated one, try involving your own family members, and try getting proves of her cheating. try o avoid hitting her, she will want to push u to that limit as to get accuse u of domestic voilence on her. Bro you might not rush the divorce but try avoiding contacts with her.
nature7888 at 09:57 AM, 19/02/2018 (7 months ago)
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Ahhhh, this is a complicated one, try involving your own family members, and try getting proves of her cheating. try to avoid hitting her, she will want to push u to that limit so as to accuse u of domestic voilence on her. Bro you might not rush the divorce but try avoiding contacts with her.
xspraise at 10:00 AM, 19/02/2018 (7 months ago)
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oga go do fasting and prayer bcos she don gooo
Juliem at 10:16 AM, 19/02/2018 (7 months ago)
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Bros, just follow ur heart, and Pray about it, There's nothing too hard for God to do! It is well
chigozied1 at 11:01 AM, 19/02/2018 (7 months ago)
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All I can say Sir is that may God Almighty give you the grace and strength to tackle your problems.
ruthie at 12:39 PM, 19/02/2018 (7 months ago)
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its better u take the case to court and provide evidence of infidelity...then the court will have no option but to grant you divorce on that ground....
slimber at 04:29 PM, 19/02/2018 (7 months ago)
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Anything  that will give you stress walk away
SOGaiya at 12:46 PM, 20/02/2018 (6 months ago)
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Impediment is so much I charge to stay fucus n avoid contact n divorce her immediately she is a bad fruit
CHRISETTE at 02:53 PM, 22/02/2018 (6 months ago)
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If what you say is true then you really need a divorce fight for it


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