Phone Repairer, Rasheed Sunkanmi Battered For Meddling In Politician's Fight With Wife In Ogun

at 10:47 AM, 16/05/2018 (5 months ago)
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A phone repairer who decided to meddle in a fight between a Lagos politician and his wife on the street in Ogun State, has regretted his decision after landing himself in trouble. A young man who reportedly meddled in a scuffle between a Lagos politician and his wife on Jimoh Akinsanya Street in the Arepo area of Ogun State, has regretted his decision after landing himself in serious trouble.
According to a report by Reporters the victim who is a phone repairer identified as Rasheed Sunkanmi, was going home on a motorcycle when he saw a crowd on the street trying to stop the politician, identified as Odukunle Kuti, from beating up his wife.
It was learnt that Rasheed was said to have made a snide remark at the politician for beating up a woman, which the ex-councillor of the Ikosi/Isheri Local Council Development Area overheard. The politician confronted the stranger for meddling in his family affair.
The confrontation reportedly resulted in a fight between the duo as they tore each other’s clothes into shreds. The politician who also owned a hotel in Arepo, later invited some soldiers, accusing the 27-year-old of robbery.
When the military men arrived at the scene, they, however, discovered that it was a fight between Kuti and Sunkanmi and they took the parties to their captain identified as Okoye, who was said to have mediated and dispersed the parties.
Not satisfied, the politician, a few days later, reported to the police at the Warewa division and Sunkanmi was invited to make a statement. About a month after the fight, Kuti was reported to have asked the police to charge the phone repairer to court, accusing him of the theft of his phone and money.
A witness, who identified himself only as Jimoh, said the fight occurred in early April 2018. He said,
“Kuti and his wife had an issue which became a public matter.
“The man was passing by and he said something that Kuti overheard. He slapped Sunkanmi; the man replied the slap. That was what started the fight.”

While speaking to a correspondent, the victim on Monday, said he was touched by the way the politician allegedly beat up the woman.
He said,
“The only thing I said was, ‘Why will a man be beating a woman like this?’ The man gave me fist blows and I retaliated with a punch; he got injured and said he would arrest and take me to court.
“That evening, he called some soldiers, saying there was a robbery in his house, whereas the fight occurred in front of a mosque. When the soldiers arrived, he said it was not a robbery, but that I interfered in his family matter. I was asked to apologise to him, which I did. But he said he did not want apology.”

The Ogun State indigene said about three days later, he was invited to the police station to make a statement on the matter, which he did.
He said he did not get any feedback from the police or the politician until on Sunday when Kuti came to his house.
“He said he had not forgiven me for the punch I gave him in the mouth. He said the army allowed me to escape on that day and that he had no intention of letting the matter go.
“I got a call from the police to report at the station. I was then told that the matter was going to court,”
Sunkanmi added.
His aunt, Dr Ewatomilola Ayeni, alleged that Kuti threatened to kill her over the incident, and claimed that the former councillor was using his power to oppress her and Sunkanmi.
She said, “Why will he claim that there was a robbery when no such thing happened? It was also wrong for him to have assaulted his wife. When he saw me a day after the incident, he threatened to kill me. I said this in my statement to the police. It is a threat to my life.”
Kuti’s wife, when contacted on Monday, confirmed that there was a fight between her and the husband. She said she had run into hiding and did not witness the fight between her husband and Sunkanmi.
She said,
“It is true that I had a misunderstanding with my husband and I ran out while he chased me. I don’t know anything about the guy until today (Monday) when the police called me and said I should report to the station on Wednesday.
"When I get to the police station, I will see the man; I was the one that was beaten. I did not see him and he fought for me. We have not settled the matter yet. He (Kuti) said the man is my boyfriend and that I planted him outside to beat him up.”

The ex-lawmaker said he wanted the case in court because he needed something to back up his claim to divorce his wife, whom he accused of infidelity. He also claimed that his wife “arranged” the phone repairer to assassinate him.
The 44-year-old Ijebu Igbo, Ogun State indigene said he had endured eight years of marital crises, adding that the Saturday incident was the climax.
He said,
“On the day, she went to a party against my instruction. When she returned, I demanded the car key from her. I was running after her to collect the car key when she suddenly ran out and created a scene. I did not know that she had placed someone outside to attack me.
“Since we have been having issues for the past eight years, she has never run out before. It was the first time. From nowhere, this guy came out. Some young guys in my compound wanted to beat him up, but I called the police; they said they could not come unless the army captain gave them the go ahead. I got in touch with the captain and he sent his troops to my house.”

slimber at 11:01 AM, 16/05/2018 (5 months ago)
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ruthie at 11:02 AM, 16/05/2018 (5 months ago)
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why hide the bastard politcian's name?all scallywags
cypanyahucha at 11:22 AM, 16/05/2018 (5 months ago)
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Ex council boss? The LGA must be crisis ridden.
Otikadinje at 11:43 AM, 16/05/2018 (5 months ago)
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Yeye polithifians

nature7888 at 12:11 PM, 16/05/2018 (5 months ago)
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Bad example. Maybe he thinks the court is his play ground, Shame on this politician
gogoman at 01:59 PM, 16/05/2018 (5 months ago)
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