Toke Makinwa's Bosom Comes Under Red-Hot Fire On The Internet For Posing Completely Naked (Photos)

at 07:15 AM, 10/08/2018 (1 week ago)
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Toke Makinwa released a naked photo earlier today for the campaign of her new beauty product, the picture left little to the imagination and has sparked an outrage on the social media.

Although her celebrity colleagues are hailing and praising her naked photo, her fans have blasted her for the ‘unforgivable’ act.

According to a lot of commenters, Toke is a hypocrite who loves to hide under the facade of being born again while committing atrocities that does not portray the God she preaches.

“A good Christian would never go naked publicly” they told her.

A follower commented that her husband probably ditched her for her many shameful acts which he could not live with.

Toke in her usual way has turned deaf ears to the comments as long as the people that matter to her, (her Co celebs) find it cool, the radio girl is cool.

slimber at 08:10 AM, 10/08/2018 (1 week ago)
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People can't mind there b8zness
topsy78 at 08:49 AM, 10/08/2018 (1 week ago)
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Quote from: slimber on 08:10 AM, 10/08/2018
People can't mind there b8zness
No! why can't people keep there naked private bodies to them self??? we all have this things you know!
ruthie at 09:04 AM, 10/08/2018 (1 week ago)
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felicilin at 09:44 AM, 10/08/2018 (1 week ago)
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we should stop all these criticism. everyone has their ways of making themselves more valuable. that is one of her styles pls
james987 at 11:26 AM, 10/08/2018 (1 week ago)
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Una no understand.. she must do how hers sponsors tell am!!! Else her brand go die. Na the trend!! Do this for the money or we stop sponsoring you.
kacylee at 11:27 AM, 10/08/2018 (1 week ago)
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i dare Toke Makinwa to do the Arms Akinbo pose in this unclad photo
Henrybobo at 02:46 PM, 10/08/2018 (1 week ago)
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Abeg nothing showed joor
Sniper101 at 05:44 PM, 10/08/2018 (1 week ago)
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hypocritic b.itch

.....Tonto will definitely have a good laugh about this1 (cos I can still remember the time Toke called out Tonto for going almost naked once before) 
kp45 at 08:17 AM, 11/08/2018 (1 week ago)
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