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Topic: OVER 100,OOO USED CARS FOR SALE @ CHEAPER PRICE (Read 24952 times)
zeela (5)
4 years ago

I just bought a car (a fairly used car) 4rm a major car dealer here in Naija at a ridiculous low price. He just shipped in over a 100,000 of different cars. You won,t even know they are tokunbo cars. Get details at their website  http://bit.ly/bnKzmw . U can even negotiate for a reduced price.

7 Jun 10, 11:54 AM
samrioss (1)
3 years ago

You have said  that used car for very low price. May I know the price of that car so that I can own one.
Thanks in advance.

san jose used car dealerships

12 Jan 12, 06:06 AM
Myhotkid (5)
2 years ago

I need one.

27 May 12, 07:36 PM
Toks-E (37229)
1 year ago

Na true word

24 Jul 13, 06:04 AM

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