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my girl friend for 2 years lost her virginity to another man.now she wants me

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Topic: my girl friend for 2 years lost her virginity to another man.now she wants me (Read 8234 times)
fearlessokechi (55)
Newbie (m) | 3 years ago

I dated a girl for about two years. But all of a sudden, she changed her behaviour towards me. Whenever I asked what went wrong, she gave excuses. I discovered she was no longer interested and I left her alone. Initially, she told me that she was a virgin and we decided not to have sex. She even promised me that if I don’t meet her as a virgin I should do anything to her. Now she wants me back and she told me she has lost her virginity to a guy she dated after me. When I heard this, I was very sad. But she asked for forgiveness. Though I still love her, I do not know if she will be faithful again.

18 Dec 10, 03:07 PM
nellygold (1286)
Gistmaniac (f) | 3 years ago

same post the other side

18 Dec 10, 03:11 PM
Pointzero (5604)
Gistmaniac (m) | 3 years ago

omo dis 1 na d same tin with the other 1.........................................Piracy

18 Dec 10, 03:12 PM
edusouls (271)
Upcoming (m) | 3 years ago

of course not she will no longer be faithful, u know girls sometimes behave like zombies i wonder why, girls are one of the most stupid creatures that exists, how can u leave a guy that loves you truly pretending you dont want sex, then run to another playboy to disvirgin you, it very irritating, my advice is that you forgive her, but keep an eye and search for another girl she is too stupid and dishonest to be your girlfriend.

18 Dec 10, 04:39 PM
juleshotluv (5051)
Gistmaniac (f) | 3 years ago

Do you want her or not? simple thing..if you want her, roll with her..if you dont waka pass Angry

18 Dec 10, 04:41 PM
0luwanifemi (11)
Newbie (f) | 3 years ago

if u truly luv her u will ignore it if u dont let her go

18 Dec 10, 06:42 PM
Selu (623)
Upcoming (m) | 3 years ago

What is, am male but i seriously don't like this virginity post from dudes on this forum. Though i acknowledge the fact that tear rubber is the best but most of the posters here who feel cheated  neva tel us weda they are virgins or not. They just go ahead to condemn the other sex without saying much or not saying anything about their own virginity. And please don't get me wrong, am not in support of spare parts or the likes.l

18 Dec 10, 07:22 PM
xter (26208)
Addicted Hero (m) | 3 years ago

so u wan chop leftover

18 Dec 10, 09:37 PM
sixtyhoneyy (3602)
Gistmaniac (f) | 3 years ago

no comment

18 Dec 10, 09:38 PM
ILOVEIT (12803)
Hero (m) | 3 years ago


18 Dec 10, 09:42 PM
sixtyhoneyy (3602)
Gistmaniac (f) | 3 years ago

honey mi abeg wait for me

18 Dec 10, 09:50 PM
giftmurphy (16545)
Hero (f) | 3 years ago

m confuse....just follow your heart...

19 Dec 10, 09:16 PM
Selu (623)
Upcoming (m) | 3 years ago

Quote from: xter on 18 Dec 10, 09:37 PM
so u wan chop leftover

Ah ah

20 Dec 10, 08:56 AM
Treasure2 (18798)
Hero (f) | 3 years ago


20 Dec 10, 08:57 AM
Priceless-jewel (6201)
Gistmaniac (m) | 3 years ago

honestly, i think i ve to borrow sixty 'no comment'

20 Dec 10, 09:00 AM
blessedme (9860)
Hero (f) | 3 years ago

hmmm, i just waka pass dis post abeg

20 Dec 10, 10:22 AM
luqcyking (350)
Upcoming (m) | 3 years ago

so u wan chop leftover

4 Aug 11, 02:05 PM
HOPEA23 (22039)
Addicted Hero (f) | 3 years ago

ohh yeah...you just ave to take heart ok.

5 Aug 11, 01:04 AM
feyee (910)
Upcoming (f) | 3 years ago

too bad

5 Aug 11, 04:38 AM
HardcoreAunt (156)
Upcoming (f) | 3 years ago

Love is not about virginity Wink.

5 Aug 11, 05:04 AM
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