Democracy is not the best system og Governance for Developing countries (Nigeria

at 03:47 PM, 2/02/2011 (7 years ago)
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To me personally i feel democracy is not the best for developing countries(Nigeria,Ruwanda,Palestine,Pakistan,Cote D’voir etc). Though it have brought about rapid growth and development in Nigeria in several sectors of the economy in recent times. But coming to look at the disadvantages and inherent risks attached, it is better developing countries discontinue democracy-we should rather go back to military or develop our own system of governance that will give us required results.
Watch all developing countries that have embraced democracy in the past 10-20 years. You will notice that in such countries there has always been an unending civil war or several factions waiting to erupt like volcanoes into civil war. in these countries several innocent lives and properties have been destroyed with Nigeria as a case study- the number of lives and properties loosed and damaged to political crises within 1991-2011 have out numbered that of live & properties loosed to any crises we had in Nigeria from 1960-1990. Politics have also brought about a great consciousness to ethnic and religious differences-there is great intolerance, Nigeria is already divided presently due to bad politics-i consent to Pat Utomi Quote ‘’ Nigeria is on a time Bomb.’’
Say No To Politics in the interest of our nation. Rather we should develop our own system of governance which will enhance integration rather than the disintegration politics is busy generating. I look forward to a redefined system of governance where president will be voted for by Nigerians .not as Christian south or as Muslim north nor as Yoruba or Hausa voted president. But as a Nigerian voted president.

Long Live Nigeria Say no to the politics of Religion and tribal differences.

what do you feel about Democracy in Nigeria .Should it be continued or discontinued ?

MissyBarbie at 03:48 PM, 2/02/2011 (7 years ago)
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I'll be back
kebella at 03:52 PM, 2/02/2011 (7 years ago)
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chiglamour4u at 03:53 PM, 2/02/2011 (7 years ago)
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watin concern democracy with Relationship & Romance? i bey MB wait for me
dirtykid at 03:55 PM, 2/02/2011 (7 years ago)
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Very Romantic Post filled with relationship and Romance  Grin

Solidstonez at 10:04 AM, 3/06/2012 (6 years ago)
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Bettychy at 05:21 PM, 3/06/2012 (6 years ago)
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That democracy is not the best form of government has never been a debatable issue but a fact. Nontheless, democracy is the best among all forms of regimes known to man today. If you can trace the origin of democracy from the old Greek`s city-state of the 600BC (see Van Beek 2010, 32; Frevel 2004: 9-11; Huntington 1991: 5-6; Schmidt 2006: 19 in. Perlot 2008: 13) to date, you`ll agree with me that the so called developed, established, industrial or western democracies have passed through fire and waters, hills and valleys, puzzles, loses and victories over tens of hundreds of centuries before they got to where they are today. The struggle continues!

Let`s not go into the definition of the concept of democracy as that may complicate the issue

Just like you wish, Everyone wants something better than democracy, unfortunately, there is no better option. And so, political observers, analysts and theorists are trying to reconceptiualized democracy and find a gainful unified definition for it for there is no generally accepted definition nor universally applicable structure of democracy. Democracy is a socio-political and economic phenomenon that the late Prof. S. Huntington of the Harvard University/
Columbia University called "a container terminology". An empty container that takes in variety of elements its being feed with. There is no country in the world even with the longest history of democracy that practices a complete "should be" of democracy.

As for third (and 2nd) world countries, Tilly (2007, 189) asserts that "in other not to risk domestic overturn or international rejection, regardless of their personal propensities to autocracy, new rulers of former European colonies and post Soviet-states had little choice but to launch their regimes with a fanfare of democratic forms"
In short, we practice no democracy rather dictatorship!

Bettychy at 05:27 PM, 3/06/2012 (6 years ago)
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In essence, we should advocate for democracy because we have never lived in a democracy to know what it tasts like with democracy being the best among the bests


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