Tips on How To Come Among Top Three in Any Interview

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The impression you make in a job interview goes a long way to determine whether you get a job or not. Given that today’s graduates mostly parade certificates they cannot defend interviewers place more emphasis on a candidates performance during job interviews.

Here are some advice on how to ensure you impress your interviewers and come out top in your next job interview;

- Research the Organization, Know Vital Things About Them: Knowledge is your key to doing well at the interviewer. Some questions you will be asked will be about the organization and if you don’t show enough knowledge about the organization and its activities you do not stand a chance of getting employed with them.

- Be Confident & Courteous: Confidence doesn’t mean pride. Be sure of yourself and one way to do that is to prepare well. Think a bit before you answer questions and do not use careless words. You need to come across as someone who thinks before he acts or talks.

- Know the Kind of Questions to Expect and Prepare for Them: In most job interviews you will expect two forms of questions viz Personality questions and Professional questions.

The first, personality questions, are questions targeted at knowing the kind of person you are, how you think and whether you can fit into the organization. The professional questions simply test your knowledge and skills for the job to ascertain your readiness to take on the job.

It is easier to prepare for professional questions as you can research and get updated on skills and knowledge needed for the kind of job you want. The personality questions are more tricky and can vary greatly depending on the interviewer(s).

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