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How Tall Is Van Vicker (Nollywood Handsome Guy)

Topic: How Tall Is Van Vicker (Nollywood Handsome Guy) (Read 13241 times)
nametalkam (7239)
4 years ago

Van Vicker!! You have to admit the boy is ******* (for the ladies). I think Van Vicker should be roughly around 5'9. He is already a full grown adult so I dont think he will grow any taller.

10 Apr 11, 09:10 PM
HOPEA23 (22104)
4 years ago

he fine die..he should be 5ft 7inch

10 Apr 11, 10:09 PM
Larrykingomoj (1735)
4 years ago

Hopea23, na wah for u

11 Apr 11, 02:46 AM
frayobkk (5127)
4 years ago

nametalkam this one u be modretor here nawa i no understand this naijapals sometimes but
 adey managam sha 

12 Apr 11, 02:09 PM
frayobkk (5127)
4 years ago

as u be modrator do ur research welll before u go tell us say he be around
around is a exalt that maens u are not sure

12 Apr 11, 02:10 PM
nickki (266)
4 years ago

oops! nah nah, hes jst der

15 Apr 11, 11:13 PM
Ozowalu (348)
3 years ago


23 Apr 11, 12:37 PM
MBLUE (30)
3 years ago

fine sha but na 5.7, i no reach 5.9

2 May 11, 07:23 PM
frayobkk (5127)
3 years ago

the guy too gentle for his movies i hate quiet guys

18 May 11, 07:13 AM
estilizo (3741)
3 years ago

dunno how tall what i sure know is that he is damn cute.

28 May 11, 01:56 PM
simon20 (5)
3 years ago

my brothers it is discouraging to see that you guys don't kn a handsome man,this guy is fear in his color his not   so hansom in Nollywood.
first he dress like a village man  or a mugu let him chose one./but why is it that our women are so ugly to compare our men infarct if you are ugly i will not marry you lol
u na too much

30 May 11, 02:45 AM
whitedove255 (1151)
3 years ago

i like d second pix... Cool

31 May 11, 09:10 AM
sarah555 (3862)
3 years ago

van is a cool guy, but i know i am more taller.

5 Jun 11, 03:58 PM
Phili_crizza (3)
3 years ago

he lOOk like some brazilian hunks im your admirer for the past 3 yrs now.. though im not nigerian..i just saw some of your movies

16 Nov 11, 11:56 AM
danny6 (2751)
3 years ago

he's damn cute guy

10 Feb 12, 10:14 AM
saraphinna (8)
3 years ago

nice guy

14 Feb 12, 11:57 AM
dlimelite (14087)
2 years ago

Dont know how tall he is, but he's too damn fine  Grin

26 Jan 13, 05:08 AM
trapheal (1546)
2 years ago

I thought he was a Ghanaian O

24 Mar 13, 08:04 AM

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