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i have lived a long life and had and had many troubles,most of which never happened said Mark twain.
One of the greatest fear that stops people from asking for support,guidance,advice,money,a date,a job, sale,or any-things else,is fear of rejection.Infact,its been known to literally paralyze people.They become tongue-tied and refuse to reach paralyze people or walk across the room.They break out in a sweat at the mere thought of asking for what they want.
We have become the captive of fear and i have come to understand that the mere concept of rejection does not really exist.Think about it for a moment,if you actually ask someone to join you for a dinner,and the person said a big NO,you could tell yourself that you had been rejected.But think about it.Did you have anyone to eat dinner with before you asked him?No! DID YOU have any one to to eat dinner with after you asked him?No!Did your life really get worse? stayed the same!
I f you applied for addmission in Oxfored University and you donot get it,you were not in Oxfored after you applied.And you have spent your whole life not going to Oxfored.So you know how to handle that.if there is something to gain and nothing to really loose,then you should by all means eliminate fear by asking.tEY BEST WAY TO CONQYER FEAR IS TO GO OUT IN ACTION.fear actualy means false evidence apearing real