Sometimes we are the cause of our relationship maladies!

at 08:02 AM, 17/04/2011 (7 years ago)
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Nowadays, no topic is interesting if it has no connection with sex in particular and relationship at large. Topics are banal and insipid when they don't address one relationship malaise or the other. I have come to understand that without modicum of morals and scruples no relationship can last.  The problem is that we like being unreasonably obtuse. We feign ignorance of that that is crystal clear. At work places, in the market, banks, everywhere, even in the church we are assaulted by indecently exposed Bosom s, unseemly tight fitting and revealing clothes. Since we have resigned to this, how then can your spouse resist these and other amatory advances from the opposite sex if they are morally derelict.  Sometimes our alibi for infidelity is that our spouse has gone rigid, no longer romantic, hygienic  etc. But the granite and indisputable fact is that we have started making comparison, we have started nursing that desire of that man or woman which if we had not been morally bankrupt we would have nipped in the bud, knowing full well that nothing good can come out of it. Relationship even among friends is characterised by tiffs. We must admit that you can't get a person that is without blemish or pristine. Why not ignore that your spouse's seemingly deficiencies and concentrate on the plus sides.  (Am sure they must be good at one thing). So why not get rid of that unholy thought about the oppostie sex since nursing it will endanger your relationship. Or must you pluck every flower because you like it.  Okay, you see a woman you admire, oh! She is heaven and earth, so beauti...,  she is whatchamacallit' GOSH! Do you want to commit adultery with her! Don't nurse that desire and don't think that such is peculiar to you. (It happens to everbody, In fact I have seen people that ordinarily I would even have raped but why cut off my nose to poke my face. No gains) Resist the devil and he will flee. It is only through the grace of God and that is why I said that without being morally scrupulous it will seem intractable.  I ask that the Lord Almighty will make your relationship bliss and joy galore. Amen. Tak kia. Shalom!


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