6 secret to getting a job with oceanic bank

at 04:33 AM, 12 Jan 09 (9 years ago)
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1.  Be prepared during a telephone screening
or a first interview to make the "60-second sell,"
a four- to five-sentence summary of your biography
and career accomplishments . When they say,
Tell me about yourself, why should I hire you?'
you have a memorized statement about why
you would be good on the job.

2.  Ask everyone you know if they have a connection
to a specific employer; the goal is to get your resume
forwarded to a hiring manager via the company's
internal network, rather than having it come from
the outside and get lost in the shuffle of other applicants.
oceanic bank gets more than 100,000 resumes a month.
how do you think they're going to find you otherwise through that cyber hole?

3.  Attending professional association meetings
in a related field, as well as those in your own specialty.
Another networking strategy is to give it the old college try
by tapping alumni.

4.Check Your Skill Set

Although you may not have the time or financial resources
to pursue an advanced degree, taking additional coursework
in your field to boost specific skills can get you noticed by a recruiter.
Also, don't forget to cite key experience gained from volunteering
for community, school, or nonprofit groups.
Look at your transferrable skills, including project management,
budgeting, supervising others, and organizational planning.

5. Know Your Worth

6. Take action. Whether it's posting your resume or sharing your
job hunt with your doctor, dentist, friend, or neighbour, you should
incorporate your search for work into every aspect of your daily life.

fez_566 at 12:14 PM, 14 Jan 09 (9 years ago)
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why not make tips known to the public? pls do if u want to help.

One love!!!!!!!!!!!


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