SHAME!! 26 Years Old Nigerian In London Jailed For molesting 14 Years Old Oyinbo

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at 02:16 AM, 6 Mar 12 (5 years ago)
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Ishola Adeyomi Adeoye, aged 26, from Bermondsey met a 14 year old girl in Plumstead in October 2010 and took her back to his home in Woolwich. Fully aware of her age, he gave her alcohol, waited until she passed out and then raped her.

The victim awoke in the morning and was not aware of what she had been subjected to. Later that same day, having returned home, she began to feel pain and realized that something may have happened. After making a report to the police, a DNA test proved she had been raped.

Officers from the Met's Sapphire Command at Bexley launched an investigation and the DNA profile taken was matched to Adeoye.
He denied ever meeting the victim but changed his evidence during the trial, admitting he knew her but still maintaining his innocence.
Detective Constable Pete Thompson said: "This was a horrendous act committed against a vulnerable 14 year old girl.
"Adeoye tried to deny the offence and when the evidence against him was so strong he ended up changing his account.
"The jury clearly saw through his lies and I am pleased with the sentencing result.
"The victim showed a tremendous amount of courage and bravery to give evidence against the defendant.
"I hope that this result can go some way in helping both her and her family come to terms with what has happened."

Deoye had denied rape, but was convicted following a week-long trial at the Old Bailey. He was jailed for eight-and-a-half years on March 2.
prufrite at 03:20 AM, 6 Mar 12 (5 years ago)
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Shaking my head! You create another controversial topic. Now watch the tribal and religious fanatics turn this place into a war zone!
winace at 04:13 AM, 6 Mar 12 (5 years ago)
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U are a fool to think u can get away wit it. U get luck say na oyinbo prison wan go. Cum naija prison, u no go rape again.
Deeskid at 04:46 AM, 6 Mar 12 (5 years ago)
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Chaii, mumu.
Regenesis at 05:31 AM, 6 Mar 12 (5 years ago)
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Ecto at 06:18 AM, 6 Mar 12 (5 years ago)
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Poor boy no woman for You? Come Naija for one!
johehizogie at 06:21 AM, 6 Mar 12 (5 years ago)
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How many people who na send go prison for naija for rape???  i nu blame the white man wey dey inside black man skin, enu fit resist temptation wey follow all dis oyinbo girls..people wey go walk up to say hi, e go become stalking......anyways enjoy the cooler...
zeigbo at 07:03 AM, 6 Mar 12 (5 years ago)
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Yeye set of people after drinking agbo and shekpe dem go dey behave like idiot dey find who dem go rape

estilizo at 07:06 AM, 6 Mar 12 (5 years ago)
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silly ass,rot in jail.

ajanni at 07:17 AM, 6 Mar 12 (5 years ago)
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how many years now ? abi na for life?
emmyemmy at 07:18 AM, 6 Mar 12 (5 years ago)
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so correct babe don finish way go make you go phyuk small pikking?make him smell jail make him eye clear.
Unikpearl at 07:34 AM, 6 Mar 12 (5 years ago)
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Agbaya ...u no get shame o
or is it lack of girlfriend.
Am addin 6mths 2 ur jail terms for disgracin urself,family & black especially nigeria
Unikpearl at 07:36 AM, 6 Mar 12 (5 years ago)
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I hate rapist...dey are daft cowards
amansu at 07:54 AM, 6 Mar 12 (5 years ago)
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Weda oyibo or not, rape is rape!
proly at 07:55 AM, 6 Mar 12 (5 years ago)
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nawaoooooooooooooo,,,,,,its a shame
dickman2 at 07:59 AM, 6 Mar 12 (5 years ago)
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Quote from: ajanni on 07:17 AM,  6 Mar 12
how many years now ? abi na for life?
better if na life...why him go rape girl with this yoruba man their way nah...
ebonycuck at 08:01 AM, 6 Mar 12 (5 years ago)
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na wa o. yoruba people have been in the news too much lately for the wrong reasons. one woman was delivered of a 3 month pregnancy of heroin at Kennedy airport in the US, and another man sentenced to to 30 years in jail in the UK for importing tens of millions of pounds worth of hard drugs into the UK. hmmmmmmmmmmmm.
ebonycuck at 08:02 AM, 6 Mar 12 (5 years ago)
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so which tribe greedy pass sef for 9ja, igbos, yorubas, abokis or south south minorities like edo people?
starlove1 at 08:16 AM, 6 Mar 12 (5 years ago)
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guy i am sure you do that but as a wise guy u don't need to tall the court that you do it, don't worry you will soon come out
mitaly002 at 08:18 AM, 6 Mar 12 (5 years ago)
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possy full naija  remine na person go dey go jail for possy matter? why he nor deport himself come house come see even 12yrs possy with enough juice., weh me dey phyuk young young possy everyday!
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