Chinwenduu suspended indefinitely from Naijapals

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at 01:23 AM, 11 Feb 09 (8 years ago)
(93 | Newbie) (m)
Profile impersonator "chinwenduu" is now indefinitly suspended from the Naijapals community for gross disregard for the Naijapals "Terms of service".

The user has repeatedly ignored warnings from the Naijapals admin after creating fake profiles with names such as shaniqua, shanique1 and recently mushabcd. The user has created over 30 Naijapals account in total for purpose unknown to the administrators.

All accounts related to chinwenduu has now being deleted and members are encourages to refrain from communication of any sort from this user.

We work hard to make Naijapals an enjoyable and safe community for all, dishonesty is a very serious offence and Naijapals takes this very seriously.

Naijapals will be closing down other accounts that are suspicious without prior notifications.
aleemidrees at 01:46 AM, 11 Feb 09 (8 years ago)
(1 | Newbie) (m)

i must confess that am highly elated to hear this...keep up the good work..i only wonder why we are always fraudlent in nature...thanks guys....more powers to ur elbows.

idris allimson
i sign off.
keveen at 02:19 AM, 11 Feb 09 (8 years ago)
(3275 | Gistmaniac) (m)
so it was her eh
ewwwwwwwww chinwenduuuu

emah at 02:31 AM, 11 Feb 09 (8 years ago)
(2 | Newbie) (m)
good children....i'm impressed..please catch more people...
myragonza at 02:35 AM, 11 Feb 09 (8 years ago)
(40160 | Addicted Hero) (f)
i knew it!!!

irisyes6 at 02:43 AM, 11 Feb 09 (8 years ago)
(28 | Newbie) (f)
oh my lawd...
i thought it.........
i knew it.....
let them catch more idiots .............
good 4 her.......idiot of naijapal.....
shanique at 03:17 AM, 11 Feb 09 (8 years ago)
(8062 | Hero) (f)
hahahah nice one
until i had to ask the admin the terms of service
ah ah oooo
that gurl is mad.....
really crazy...and she took ma pics and put in her pc
shez crazy

nigerianlove at 04:18 AM, 11 Feb 09 (8 years ago)
(381 | Upcoming) (m)
u can do that wow.
princeama04 at 05:37 AM, 11 Feb 09 (8 years ago)
(8 | Newbie) (m)
that's good for us
nigerians have formed the habit of being too fraudulent in everything they do even in the mosque and churches
i commend naija pals for this bold steps
it is worth emulating
elusakin at 06:39 AM, 11 Feb 09 (8 years ago)
(543 | Upcoming) (m)
nice try, but how are you sure she wasn't doing those for fun? i'm sure she didn't mean any harm to anybody.
omatseye at 07:00 AM, 11 Feb 09 (8 years ago)
(4328 | Gistmaniac) (m)
dats good...catch dem young..kudos 2 naijapals
princesser2love at 07:16 AM, 11 Feb 09 (8 years ago)
(884 | Upcoming) (f)
good for us,may God continued to catch them ole
okoriecasmir at 07:38 AM, 11 Feb 09 (8 years ago)
(11 | Newbie) (m)
haba!! chiwenduu. so innocent looking,never suspected her.looks could be really deceptive!! kudos to the admin,keep up the good works guys.they're still remaining!! catch them all
stealth_biatch at 08:07 AM, 11 Feb 09 (8 years ago)
(1102 | Gistmaniac) (f)
lmaooo ... she had it coming ... and I had no idea hmmmm .... the gurl iz so pathetic ... gettn nu profiles jus 2 go on peoples pages and say trash ... this is the equivalent of being striped Nood in the market square ... She deserves it !! ... and if yu ain't sure if the admin is sayn the truth ... lemme let chu in on it ... they know the IP address of every member ... thats y dey are able to ban yu from writing confessions too !! ... so this gurl iz a h8r ... and obviously dumb too !!

7777777777 at 08:17 AM, 11 Feb 09 (8 years ago)
(42 | Newbie) (f)
chin chin is finally gone oooooooooooooooooooooooo.....
etauso at 08:24 AM, 11 Feb 09 (8 years ago)
(3 | Newbie) (m)
Dont mind the idiot - God forbid bad thing
yemy4reel at 08:39 AM, 11 Feb 09 (8 years ago)
(1 | Newbie) (f)
na wao, after we go shout say our country dey bad we don 4get say correction suppose start frm we side, my naija pals make una keep up the good work, una too much!
Vixenx at 09:13 AM, 11 Feb 09 (8 years ago)
(21148 | Addicted Hero) (f)
Lets be for real. How do you know who's doing what just by the IP address? do you have any idea how many people may have an access to the same computer and creating accounts under it? I know for a fact that when i am away from home i usually give my friends the key and admission to my place to pick up my mails and newspaper and what not. How are you supposed to know what they're doing when you ain't there?

I think it was harsh of them to delete her for something they can't prove that it is really her doings..and also alot of people on naijapals are either related or close friends and uses each others laptops and computer..I just don't think its fair!!

ismailae at 09:17 AM, 11 Feb 09 (8 years ago)
(17 | Newbie) (m)
Am very hapy that u Guys are working Hard to Get Rid of such miscreants that go about spoiling peoples Hardwork..............Thumbs Up Guys
Nkem-Elvis at 09:24 AM, 11 Feb 09 (8 years ago)
(21 | Newbie) (f)
Thank you guys for the good work. God Bless you all
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