1. constigoldo on: I Used To Judge My Aunties For Being Unmarried ..
    But you have been married before now.  Well, experience they say, is the best teacher. (4 minutes ago)
  2. constigoldo on: BBN Star, Erica Excited Has She Rides Okada Tha..
    E no reach 20k joor, na who we go ask? (5 minutes ago)
  3. Somtoya on: Update On Certificate Forgery Suit Against Tinu..
    JAGABAD everything is fake (5 minutes ago)
  4. constigoldo on: Wife Lands in Police Net For Killing Her Four-Y..
    :( :( :( (12 minutes ago)
  5. constigoldo on: People Who Return To Nigeria Saying There's No ..
    Don't mind them (14 minutes ago)