1. fernande13 on: Wife Of Derek Chauvin, Officer Charged With Mur..
    [quote author=smart61 link=topic=464081.msg5639320#msg5639320 date=1590849456]The divorce came too.. (22 minutes ago)
  2. SWORDMAN on: Missing Young Man Who Was Considered Dead After..
    [quote author=Olandetujaa link=topic=464097.msg5639325#msg5639325 date=1590852126]Something is mis.. (1 hour ago)
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    Weldon Sir (2 hours ago)
  4. SWORDMAN on: Lady Teams Up With Her Friends To Damage Boyfri..
    To copy no dey hard us. Them wan learn American style. (2 hours ago)
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    She will name the baby...concert  :-[ :-[ :-X (2 hours ago)