1. ikpotokin on: WTF! 43-year-old Man Ends Relationship After Gi..
    She is a cheater (4 minutes ago)
  2. leykelvin11 on: APC Governorship Candidate In Edo State, Pastor..
    This same man want to be the governor of our beloved state. God forbid! By their Fruits ye shall k.. (17 minutes ago)
  3. tyomon on: 356 Soldiers Apply For Voluntary Retirement Cit..
    Great decision, there is no difference between buratashi and Magu. (35 minutes ago)
  4. tyomon on: Check Out The Huge Manatee Sea Cow Caught &..
    Ijaw people are water animals, one day una go eat poison and bring infections to una community lik.. (40 minutes ago)
  5. adenikesule on: “I Married Regina Daniels And My Other Wives As..
    Some Words are better kept unsaid Ned....You sometimes talk too much. (54 minutes ago)