1. Bebold on: Pope Francis, Expresses Concern Over Spate Of A..
    Please, we do not need your sympathy. Focus on your soul and your life. (22 minutes ago)
  2. Benti247 on: Well Wishers Use 13 Pages of The Newspaper To F..
    Why would you hang him?  Lagos State Court was biased in their judgement . It is obvious he w.. (29 minutes ago)
  3. Bebold on: Mountain of Fire Church Members Sparks Reaction..
    You that I have decided to criticize the church, may Tonda strike you in your anus or pompom idiot (30 minutes ago)
  4. Holopid on: VIDEO: Veteran Fuji Singer, Pasuma Speaks On Ho..
    ;D (39 minutes ago)
  5. Holopid on: Tragic Fire Raze Down Popular School In Ilorin
    Na wa oo (40 minutes ago)