1. kp45 on: 32Yr Old Son, Samuel Shegun Arrested For Stabbi..
    Hmmm (13 minutes ago)
  2. Liebesmith on: President Tinubu Reportedly Includes Two Of His..
    Why hardship will not full in that country,after spending all the money..scheisse luette (14 minutes ago)
  3. kp45 on: "Stop Raining Curses On The Nation" -..
    Have you ask yourself the causes of the curse. (15 minutes ago)
  4. Liebesmith on: How Suspected Herdsmen Killed Man Who Went to t..
    Northrop boyz,you guys are schwein,,blood suckers (17 minutes ago)
  5. kp45 on: Two Burglars Arrested For Stabbing Man To Death..
    Kill them, no place for the wicked. (18 minutes ago)