1. garangs on: Shoot Anyone You See Carrying AK-47 - President..
    YES, EVEN THE KIDNAPPERS (10 minutes ago)
  2. gogoman on: Adult Delinquents! Okorocha Blast Those Plottin..
    person go work for the state, and una no go won pay them... only in Naija (25 minutes ago)
  3. Henrybobo on: Lady Turns Down Opportunities to Move to US, Ca..
    lol de there de deceive yourself (26 minutes ago)
  4. gogoman on: People Who Do Liposuction Then Start Selling Sl..
    women like to be deceived, by deceiving dem e dey make their blood high on chloramphenicol (28 minutes ago)
  5. gogoman on: Kastina's Richest Man, Alhaji Dahiru Mangal Los..
    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm (33 minutes ago)