1. dopygenius on: Lagos Police Arrest Members of The Notorious St..
    You derive joy in fighting, honestly is even better the country is like this,buhari could not wast.. (54 seconds ago)
  2. dopygenius on: Hunger Will Evict Them - Nigerians Mock Cameroo..
    Fools everywhere ::) ::) (4 minutes ago)
  3. dopygenius on: Man Accidentally Burns His Apartment As His 'Ro..
    Nigeria mumu girls una don see am naIf na Nigeria,she will just hiss and walk away from his fiance.. (7 minutes ago)
  4. dopygenius on: Federal Government Kick Starts Negotiation For ..
    Vaccine wey Dem go use take do better business for that useless country... rubbish (11 minutes ago)
  5. dopygenius on: Nigerian Army Dismisses Female Soldier For Gett..
    [quote author=dopygenius link=topic=469081.msg5652649#msg5652649 date=1596729431]This story is fak.. (13 minutes ago)