1. taypetdun on: PHOTOS: 3 Nigerians Nabbed After They Smuggled ..
    no immigration services in Nigeria (1 hour ago)
  2. taypetdun on: Breaking! Court Restrains NLC From Embarking On..
    no judicial independence in Nigeria, so operative court. It is a matter of  oga at the top or.. (1 hour ago)
  3. taypetdun on: After 7 Years In Prison For Crime He Didn't Com..
    Yes, he needs compensation, even  USA, person of  such miscarriage of  justice was .. (1 hour ago)
  4. ficull on: Erica Has United Africa More Than African Union..
    Yeah, just like you told us that Diezieani Allison Madueke had a terminal cancer with less than 4m.. (1 hour ago)
  5. Ifalajunago on: Yoruba Will Secede From Nigeria Without Bloodsh..
    Alhaji Ifalajun Alago Traditional Herbalist Native Doctor , What's do you really need ? Ritua.. (2 hours ago)