1. OmoNobaUku on: Exposed! President Buhari Fumbles For Words, Go..
    Liars. Nasty people. (9 minutes ago)
  2. OmoNobaUku on: Yomi Fabiyi Begs Nigerians To Donate Money For ..
    Bloody fool. Only idiots will do that after your exploits on the Baba Ijesha alleged criminal issu.. (12 minutes ago)
  3. Makodama on: Wow!!! Man Uses Direct Sunlight Heat To Fry Egg..
    Heat dey na'im you dress like that?Something must be fishy about this video. (12 minutes ago)
  4. OmoNobaUku on: Baba Ijesha Will Remain in Custody Till Court W..
    Good. (13 minutes ago)
  5. randallstr on: Would You Buy This New Kanye West's Yeezy Sanda..
    Common Guy's,nice (15 minutes ago)