1. gogoman on: Khloe Kardashian And Tristan Set To Buy A New H..
    bad idea  ::) ::) (6 minutes ago)
  2. gogoman on: Nigerian Sailors Share Challenges They Faced Wh..
    una dey try and still those idiots still no dey pay una better salary (6 minutes ago)
  3. gogoman on: Controversy As University of Lagos, UNILAG Appo..
    follow the money (10 minutes ago)
  4. gogoman on: Viral Blue-Eyed Woman Who Was Abandoned By Husb..
    where she dey go before? after the blue eye wetin she gets (11 minutes ago)
  5. tommy70 on: PHOTOS: Woman Happily Poses With Her Two Husban..
    bullshits like dis always come or happen from gods devil country. (29 minutes ago)