1. johnnychuks2 on: Agnes Maduafokwa, The Student With The Highest ..
    Na we de do am. Who say we no read book? Ngwanu, lele zienu agiii nwa nu.The future remains bright.. (3 hours ago)
  2. manager1603 on: VIDEO: How Five Health Facilities Reject Woman ..
    It’s really unfortunate to be experiencing this kind of situation in a country where law makers ta.. (3 hours ago)
  3. Sameola1 on: How Osun State Court Sentence A 45Yrs Old Man T..
    Everything is just wrong with this country.  Why must he be sent to our overcrowded jails? A .. (3 hours ago)
  4. Boi2Man on: Chairman Of Nigerian Social Insurance Trust Fun..
    But those women thief for GEJ administration sha!!!!!!!! (5 hours ago)
  5. kenshin2 on: Sex is The Only Tool Women Use to Get What They..
    [quote author=ikpotokin link=topic=465965.msg5644720#msg5644720 date=1593622469]the yansh need to .. (6 hours ago)