1. Henrybobo on: Nigerians Dig Out Throwback Video Of When Cynth..
    in life its good to be humble.. u never can tell what tomorrow would bring.... now see the same Da.. (29 minutes ago)
  2. vicky987 on: Viral Video Of 7-Yr-Old Sambisa Forest Returnee..
    This are the news that comes out of Northern Nigeria. Completely wasted region that continues to d.. (2 hours ago)
  3. mirolam on: “I Gave You Hummer, A House And Allowed You To ..
    You borrow abi you give hummer.House inside boys quarter. See sharp man. People need to be careful.. (2 hours ago)
  4. DMG17 on: Obinwanne "Invictus" Okeke - "I ..
    Ignorant people like you are the reason why innocent Nigerians overseas are subjected to humiliati.. (3 hours ago)
  5. KingPharoah on: Photos Of President Buhari and His Family Celeb..
    Jubril with his family looking so fresh while Nigerians struggle. God dey. (6 hours ago)