1. Lirical on: HARDSHIP: Foodstuffs, Other Items Carted Away A..
    That one dey (3 minutes ago)
  2. Kormeijama on: Tinubu Governing Nigerians Like a Military Dict..
    No better way to put it sir. kudos, the bloke is himself and mercenary (6 minutes ago)
  3. gogoman on: “You Have The Power To Decide The Fate Of Your ..
    Firstly shut your gutter mouth!! men don't cheat!!! we exercise our BIRTH RIGHT!!! if u swear.. (13 minutes ago)
  4. fineboy77 on: "I Can Buy Timini Three Times Over" -..
    But Zubby is bigger nau, why is this an argument? (1 hour ago)
  5. kp45 on: Kaduna State Police Command Apprehend Suspected..
    Wipe them all, no place for the wicked. (1 hour ago)