1. SWORDMAN on: ‘I Don’t Care About Marriage, I Want To Be Happ..
    I will comment when you turn 40 then I will know if marriage isn't your priority (4 minutes ago)
  2. angelzizi on: ‘As Long As They Didn’t Kill Anyone, Stop Dismi..
    This lady's reasoning and mentality is sooo Nigerian!! Always turning a blind eye to evil wit.. (11 minutes ago)
  3. angelzizi on: 'This Tailor Is Wicked"- Uche Ogbodo Share..
    ;D  ;D ;D ;D but seriously this ain't funny  ;D (16 minutes ago)
  4. angelzizi on: "Stop Killing Men Due To Jealous & Emb..
    That culture has long expired ma.  Most children born in polygamy suffer a lot due to jealous.. (19 minutes ago)
  5. angelzizi on: Watch Moment Reverend Sisters Take On Viral Kiz..
    Nice one...rev sisters na human beings too (25 minutes ago)