1. nikiniki on: Smuggling Kingpin, Ibrahim Dende Threatens To K..
    He must know lot of people up the ladder. Infact they are begging instead of arresting the fucking.. (9 minutes ago)
  2. gogoman on: Tragic Incident Unfolds In Oju Township As Fath..
    very sad!! :'( (22 minutes ago)
  3. gogoman on: Two Feared Dead in Clash Between Youths and Sol..
    ::) ::) ::) ::) (23 minutes ago)
  4. gogoman on: Tragedy Strikes Lagos As Truck Fatally Crushes ..
    probably out to look for what family and wife go eat!! men always dies  :'( :'( :&#.. (24 minutes ago)
  5. gogoman on: "Why I’ll Not Kiss in Movies Again" –..
    do your job and move on!! no time for crap!! never complain!! never worry!! just soldier on (25 minutes ago)