1. dopygenius on: If You Don't Want To Feel Tensioned With Family..
    You are too full of yourself that's why you keep failing in relationship..bitch (12 minutes ago)
  2. dopygenius on: Barcelona v Napoli : UEFA Champions League Matc..
    Na barca may win,but they shouldn't underestimate napoli (17 minutes ago)
  3. dopygenius on: Nigerian Basketballer, Ojo Dies Of Heart Attack..
    So sorry (20 minutes ago)
  4. ovickson on: Police Intercept Fake Nigerian Army Major Carry..
    I guess he was caught base on information.... (1 hour ago)
  5. dopygenius on: 08/08! Police Raise Alarm Over Cultists Plan T..
    Fools everywhere...Anyone caught disturbing the peace of people should be sent to prison and be lo.. (1 hour ago)