1. Dopybadass on: Mechanic Shot Dead After Killing One Of The Kid..
    They forced their way in,so nobody was around the environ to rescue him,well he died a hero,he bet.. (28 minutes ago)
  2. kima77same on: Young Man Excited After Relocating To Nigeria F..
    Amidst: Boko haram terrorists, Fulanis bandits, Fulanis murderers, Fulanis kidnappers, you are wel.. (1 hour ago)
  3. Dopybadass on: Lesbian Woman Kills Her Lover's Husband In Anam..
    I no understand these story (1 hour ago)
  4. kima77same on: Only Dumb Nigerians Will Vote APC - Oluwasanmi
    Many will walk proudly blind to poling stations and vote for APC; and cry for the next 4 years. Be.. (1 hour ago)
  5. kima77same on: ASUU: Students Totally Ignored By APC Will Not ..
    If any youth currently at home suffering due to ASUU strike because APC led  govt. refused to.. (1 hour ago)