1. Boi2Man on: EXCLUSIVE! Names & Photos Of #EndSARS Prote..
    You see yourself stupid FGN and stupid NA that can’t withstand boko haramists. This point to the f.. (19 minutes ago)
  2. Boi2Man on: Dr. Anu Of Med Contour Suspended From Practisin..
    Please and that suspension should be for life oo. No be sey she come pass back use kudi and kushi .. (32 minutes ago)
  3. Boi2Man on: Buhari Govt Neglects Northern Economy, Security..
    Oh hooo na una wan sore soke abi. Who’s is that stupid Ahmed Garba? (38 minutes ago)
  4. KDoinspire on: "You Can Secure That Bag Without Nud!ty&qu..
    Tell them. Go girl (1 hour ago)
  5. gogoman on: Charly Boy Tenders Apology To Daughter For His ..
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