1. taypetdun on: "Unknown Gunmen Now Known; They Are Igbos ..
    If the unknown gunmen are Igbos. The bandits and kidnappers are they Igbos, too? Saboteurs! (24 minutes ago)
  2. taypetdun on: "Please Forgive Us" - Repentant Insur..
    Do not take them for granted that's not repentance, they have hidden agenda. The Fulani gover.. (29 minutes ago)
  3. Paulevery on: 'This Tailor Is Wicked"- Uche Ogbodo Share..
    Beautiful outfit... Looks good on you  8) 8) (30 minutes ago)
  4. smart61 on: ‘I Don’t Care About Marriage, I Want To Be Happ..
    You talk like because you have no self-confidence of being a good wife material, more reason you m.. (34 minutes ago)
  5. Paulevery on: Watch Moment Reverend Sisters Take On Viral Kiz..
    Interesting (34 minutes ago)