1. dopygenius on: Ghanaian Actress, Purfcie Conna Who Claims She'..
    Mama I hail oh.... (9 minutes ago)
  2. Gastro54321 on: Bay Area Rapper, Lil Yase Reportedly Shot And K..
    He might have probably killed someone before, all this gangsters life never pay , at the end your .. (9 minutes ago)
  3. tyomon on: Boko Haram Terrorists Control Many Parts Of Bor..
    thank you for coming out to speak the truth . (48 minutes ago)
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    What a sad shame on Buko Haram. why go to this length to kill innocent farmers? Please go after yo.. (51 minutes ago)
  5. trulyval on: "I Spend Three Days a Month In Yobe" ..
    Visiting governor, well done sir. (1 hour ago)