1. 419EXHBT on: 'Make Sure You Marry A Woman You Can Physically..
    See fool way come expose him stupid toothy smiling face too add. (42 minutes ago)
  2. nikiniki on: Pathetic! 20-Year-Old Admission Seeker, Miss Te..
    Ogun (state), Ogun (war), Ogun (charm), Ogun (herb), Ogun (god of iron), Ogun (sweat), Ogun(20). (47 minutes ago)
  3. nikiniki on: VIDEO: Seyi Tinubu and Peter Obi Spotted Having..
    Lobatan....make una continue fighting. (1 hour ago)
  4. 419EXHBT on: Clergywoman Advises Women To Inspect Potential ..
    [quote author=fineboy77 link=topic=586803.msg5970224#msg5970224 date=1708847066]She can still shou.. (1 hour ago)
  5. nikiniki on: VID: "How I Once Felt Er3ction From My Fat..
    bastard child. Must you bring it to public domain? Hope your Daddy is dead? (1 hour ago)